Kid’s Eyewear

Proper fit and functionality of eyewear is vital for providing focus and clarity, especially for our children. GV Optical provides stylish optical frames and lens options that your child will want to wear in and outside the classroom. With premier lens and frame brands manufactured on premises, GV Optical provides quality and quick service for you and your child.

We are excited to announce that our eye care center will be featuring a frame line new to GV Optical; Dilli Dalli. Dilli Dalli is an optometrist-approved pediatric frame line that ensures the BEST durability and MOST VERSATILE color and style options. These flexible eye frames are safe and comfortable. They provide ease of use for children’s spectacles from 0 to 12 years of age.

Make sure your child gets the most out of their eye exam by asking us about Blue Blocker lenses.

Eye specialists agree, the use of blue light blocking lenses during screen time activity is vital for combating eye strain and fatigue. Our optical shop provides a variety of blue filtering and blue blocking lenses to meet all your prescription glasses needs.